If you are serious about the craft of fishing, the Humminbird Helix 8 CHIRP Mega G3N will take your production to new levels. Choose the Mega DI (Down Imaging) or Mega SI (Side Imaging) to customize your boat precisely to your style of fishing.

The Helix 8 from Humminbird is feature rich and on of the best gps-fishfinder combos. The advanced sonar platform showcases amazing imagery on a full HD 8″ display. SwitchFire identifies well-defined structure, fish arches and clear views of the bottom, along with water temps and lure presentations.

The Helix 8 CHIRP Mega G3N has a complete collection of networking protocols and ports. The Helix 8 can communicate in a multitude of ways. Download Humminbird’s FishStart App and keep your phone in the boat. Publishing the contents on the Helix 8 with the Bluetooth protocol. Software and maintenance updates can also use Bluetooth.

One-Boat Network

Network all your equipment together for productive fishing. Full ethernet and Bluetooth networking capabilities. Integrate the Helix 8 with a Minn-Kota trolling motor and next level fishing has arrived. Use i-Pilot or i-Pilot remote operation for controlling your equipment anywhere on the boat.

Dual Spectrum CHIRP Sonar

CHIRP (Compressed High-intensity Radar Pulse) sonar generates a digital image to the console by delivering wide ranges of frequencies pinged from the bottom. This advanced technology generates a detailed image of fish, structure, and bottom. Helix 8 Dual Spectrum CHIRP Sonar provides unprecedented detail and representation of bait in the water. Some anglers report target and bait separation down to 2 ½ inches.

Coupled with a Humminbird or Minn-Kota Transducer, the Helix 8 allows various settings for 2D Sonar. This advanced technology comes with the third generation G3N. Dual Spectrum CHIRP optimizes frequencies and cone angles. Cone angle settings give the option for wide or narrow mode CHIRP frequencies. Using both modes provide anglers the best of both worlds. Enhanced fish, bait and structural details are delivered. Helix 8 advanced technology represents broad choices on how anglers fish and at what angles.

The Helix 8 offers the following advantages:

  • Superior target separation. Easily distinguish between bait, fish, and structure.
  • Clearly defined fish arches are represented. (big fish have long defined arcs).
  • Returns are stronger, without noise. Better defined targets with greater signal-to-noise ratio.

Helix 8 CHIRP technology supports two specific frequencies to boost your fish finding:

  • Narrow Mode (180—240 khz) Tighter cone angles define fish with greater detail. This approach allows advanced command over what is revealed on the Helix 8.
  • Wide Mode (140—200 khz) This method is for watching vertical jigging and finding deeper bottoms.

Humminbird Transducers

Choose transom, hull, or trolling motor mount transducers to refine your fishing. Compatible transducers provide dual CHIRP maximum depth to 1200 ft. The Helix 8 offers multiple down imaging frequencies. There are several Humminbird transducer models to choose from, supporting advanced side and down imaging.

SwitchFire Sonar

With SwitchFire the angler can add two complete customizable display modes, Clear and Max. Add water depth details, temperature, and turbulence. Use SwitchFire Sonar for precise lure presentation. The technology offers the angler noise free imaging.

  • Use Clear mode for rough or shallow waters (eight feet or less)
  • Max mode enhances structure, bottom, and fish details.


Mega-imaging is Humminbird’s answer to crystal clear digital rendering. The unique technology exploits the megahertz range for better down, side and 360 images. All views are heightened with high-frequency megahertz capability. Change your scans to the 455 khz range, and imaging is increased to 400′ down and 400′ on either side of the boat.

Down Imaging

The Helix 8 CHIRP Mega DI GPS G3N, generates an extensive collection of imaging capabilities. The image you look at on the Helix 8 is a strip of data when the sonar pings the bottom. Down Imaging is a beam directly under the boat, by 200 feet. Beams highlight the variances in structure and bottom contour. Anglers will need to understand how to interpret light and dark shades scrolling left across the screen. Recognizing shadows is another skill which needs to be acquired.

Humminbird provides a vast amount of support.

The Helix 8 display allows for multiple custom configurations such as getting rid of the temperature graph and depth lines. Large digital readout boxes can have various positions on the screen. Numerous modifications are possible to the down imaging screen while you fish.

Mark a waypoint by merely pushing a button. Mark the boat or cursor position. Save the information for retrieval later.

Side Imaging

Choose the Helix 8 CHIRP Mega SI + GPS G3N to add incredible side vision to an already impressive package. Bottom structure controls the intensity of the beam. Transducer position determines side, upward and front-facing images. Slopes facing the transducer are rendered in vivid digital detail by the Helix 8.

Choose the transducer carefully for Your kind of boat.

Side imaging produces a 200′ view on either side of the boat. Line navigation, boat speed, and wave turbulence enhance the Helix 8 rendering. There are enormous customization features possible. A 10-color palette offers the angler a personalized view of the water.

Use contour mode to chart sustained positions at the bottom of a boat, regardless of depth. With contour mode on, both side images are divided by a solid straight line.

The Helix 8 yields a remarkable set of beams and display choices:

  • Side-by-side image
  • Upper and lower image
  • Combinations of down and side imaging
  • Zoom in/out
  • Change frequencies on the fly
  • Mark waypoints on any image
  • Navigate back to any saved position with the touch of a button


Making the most of your fishing day is a goal for any angler. The Helix 8 provides advance built in mapping technologies.

  • Humminbird Basemap: The foundation to Helix 9 mapping technology. Comprehensive built-in potential. Humminbird has intensified the Basemap technology. Basemap is out of the box mapping using NOAA and LakeMaster data. These realistic, dynamic maps offer the angler clear, detailed views of over 10,000 lakes, complete with US Coastal areas. You will see detailed underwater terrain and points of interest. Any fresh or salt water fishable regions can be identified with Humminbird Basemap.
  • Autochart Live: Autochart mapping technology allows the angler to save an immense amount of chart data in the Helix 8 or Autochart software. Map your favorite fishing spots, with all original settings. Head to the spot once you hit the water. Build customized charts and overlays with current down or side imaging scans. Map saltwater as quickly as your favorite lake with the support of Basemap. Import, export and convert your data accurately. Upgrade to Autochart Pro to include 3D charts and imaging varieties to your maps.
  • GPS Mapping: Know exactly where you are (within two meters) with any waters in the United States in real-time. Combine Hummingbird precision GPS, DI/SI, and other included mapping to find the most active fishing spots on the planet. Use installed Waypoint Management software to position your boat at exact latitude and longitude coordinates. Save the info for retrieval at a later date.

Compatible Helix 8 Technologies

Configurations are enormous out of the box for the Helix 8. Add accessories and upgrades, and there is no end to the customization.

  • CHIRP Digital Radar: Manage networking capability for outstanding situational awareness. CHIRP Radar is pulse compression for short-range conditions. Advanced separation capabilities for shoreline, buoys, and other boats.
  • SmartStrike compatible: SmartStrike is your digital fishing companion. Use digital cards to feature different seasons and fish you wish to identify. Various regional SmartStrike cards are available for the Helix 8.
  • Downloadable LakeMaps: Purchase 1800 HD maps and International coastal areas for download directly into the Helix 8. Maps are linked with other Helix 8 technologies.
  • NMEA 2000: Link a continuous array of boat information for display on the Helix 8. Use NMEA sensors to keep tabs on any information you choose.
  • 360 Imaging: The Helix 8 provides advanced circular imaging at 300′ from all positions of the boat. Change image quality and beam velocity to strengthen the view. Control the beam from 10 to 360 degrees, for sweeps of valuable fishing zones. Narrow the beam to specific locations and uncover hiding fish.
  • FishSmart App: Humminbird has added a fishing store on the water. Purchase LakeMaps and other downloadable products. Receive software updates and beam straight to the Helix 8. Import planning tools, waypoints, routes and transmit directly to your Helix 8.
  • Autopilot: Advanced steering control maintains your course through water disturbance, high winds, and waves. Combine other Helix 8 technologies, and head straight for your most advantageous spots. TrueCourse uses precision GPS to hold a heading at the touch of a button.
  • AIS: Staying safe on the water is a priority for every boat owner. AIS technology maps high-traffic and low-visibility water channels. Track up to 100 marks and transmit the information instantly to your Helix 8.


Humminbird Helix 8 CHIRP Mega G3N is leading technology. A myriad of installed applications can immediately boost your fishing production, out-of-the-box. Use the enormous available accessories and compatible add-ons, and you have world-class fishing power.

Opt for the Mega Down Imaging or Mega Side Imaging version of the Helix 8, and no other angler on the water comes close to your boat.

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